Coronavirus : Daily Briefing on Fighting against Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (February 15, 2020)_Latest News_LONGGANG GOVERNMENT ONLINE


1. Wang Weizhong, Secretary of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee stressed that the city should fight the “three battles” well. On Feb 14, Secretary Wang Weizhong chaired the meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and the Municipal Leading Group (the Headquarters) of NCP Prevention and Control. At the meeting, Wang Weizhong stressed that the city should win the “three battles” with determination for victory, namely, to properly handle the travel rush back to Shenzhen, to focus on the resumption of enterprise operation and production, and to fully support Jingzhou, Hubei to fight the disease. At the most arduous and critical stage, the city should shoulder its utmost responsibility and perform its best practices, so as to excel in the test of fighting the epidemic. (Source: Shenzhen Release)

深圳市委书记强调要打好“三大战役”:2月14日,市委书记王伟中主持召开市委常委会会议暨市防控工作领导小组(指挥部)会议。会议强调,以决战决胜的姿态,坚决打好打赢“三大战役”, 一是打好人员返深高峰“防御战”,二是打好复工复产“攻坚战”,三是打好支援湖北荆州“歼灭战”。要在最吃劲的关键阶段体现深圳担当、深圳作为,交出优异答卷。【来源:深圳发布】

2. The first cold wave will hit Shenzhen on the evening of Feb 15 as the temperature drops by 8-10℃. According to Meteorological Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, starting from the evening of Feb 15, the city will see rainstorms and thunderstorms, with temperature dropping by 8-10℃. At night, there will be strong north wind, and in coastal areas and highland there might be fresh gales (Beaufort number 8-9) at times. The temperature will remain low from Feb 16 to 19. Residents are advised to take relevant measures to keep warm and stay at home. They should also put away the fragile objects in their balcony and keep objects from dropping down. (Source: Meteorological Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality)


3. Real-name registration will be launched in Shenzhen Metro. Starting from Feb 16, real-name registration will be carried out on all lines in Shenzhen’s metro system, so that the information of all passengers can be traced back and the travel routes of major suspected patients can be tracked in order to protect the health and safety of all residents. Currently, passengers using Shenzhen Metro QR Code or financial IC cards to enter the stations don’t have to go through real-name registration because their information including their mobile phone numbers and their subway ride orders can be traced automatically by the system. Meanwhile, these two ticketing modes can guarantee contactless entry and are thus safer and more efficient. During the fight against the NCP epidemic, sale of single-journey tickets and daily tickets will be suspended. Passengers using ShenZhenTong cards and multi-trip cards will have to scan a QR code for real-name registration before entering the station. (Source: Shenzhen Transportation)


4. Rubbing shoe soles and “disinfecting rooms” are over-reactive behaviors. According to Shenzhen CDC experts, the NCP is mainly transmitted via droplets and human-to-human contact. Therefore, it is more significant to disinfect the places that are more easily stained with virus and spots most frequently touched by hands, such as door handles, lift buttons, doorbell buttons and indoor environment where the patients have stayed. The disinfection of air, shoe soles, tires are invalid disinfection. For the public, the most important things are washing hands frequently, wearing masks, more ventilation and fewer outdoor activities.  (Source: Shenzhen CDC)


5. Shenzhen exempts the industrial and commercial enterprises from the basic electricity bills of February. To prevent and control the epidemic and support the work and production resumption of enterprises, Shenzhen will waive the industrial and commercial enterprises’ basic power cost of the two-part electricity fees in February. China Southern Power Grid Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau will comprehensively implement the supportive policy of the two-part electricity fees and reduce the power cost of enterprises. (