Coronavirus : Daily Briefing on Fighting against Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (February 10, 2020)_Latest News_LONGGANG GOVERNMENT ONLINE


1. Wang Weizhong and Chen Rugui sent off Shenzhen’s first team of 13 medical workers to support Hubei Province in combating novel coronavirus pneumonia.

On Feb. 9, the first team of medical workers dispatched by the city gathered and left for Hubei Province. Wang Weizhong, Secretary of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, and Chen Rugui, Mayor of Shenzhen, sent the best wishes to the team and conferred the team a flag of honor. Wang expressed respect and gratitude to all team members on behalf of the CPC municipal committee, the municipal government and all citizens of Shenzhen, and reiterated the belief that the team could showcase the spirits of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and complete the honorable yet arduous task. After bidding farewell to the team, Wang convened a meeting with heads of the hospitals of these team members to listen to reports on these hospitals’ work on epidemic prevention and control, and reminded them to make all possible efforts to guarantee technical and logistics support, take good care of the family members of the team members to create the best possible conditions so that the team members can focus on the battle against the epidemic. Municipal leaders Liu Qingsheng, Gao Zimin and Wu Yihuan also participated in the event. 【Source: Shenzhen Release】


2. Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission issued hospital guidance for patients with fever.

First, patients whose body temperature exceeds 37.3℃ should go to a fever clinic first for a preliminary consultation. Those whose body temperature exceeds 37.3℃ and who develop symptoms such as fatigue, dry cough, short of breath, running nose, cough and chest distress should first go to one of the 49 fever clinics across the city for a preliminary screening and triage.

Second, patients who meet the criteria of a suspected case will be sent to a designated hospital. Any patient who meets the criteria of a suspected case will be quarantined instantly and sent to one of the 29 designated hospitals for suspected cases across the city for further checks and treatment.

Third, patients who test positive for nucleic acid testing will be transferred to Shenzhen No.3 People’s Hospital for treatment. All suspected patients will undergo a preliminary nucleic acid test for novel coronavirus. Those whose results are positive will be transferred to Shenzhen No.3 People’s Hospital for collective treatment while their samples will be sent to Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention for a second test. Those whose results are still positive will then be confirmed of novel coronavirus pneumonia. 【Source: Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission】

深圳市卫健委发布发热病人就诊指引:第一,体温超过37.3℃先到发热门诊作初筛。市民如果发现自己体温超过37.3℃,还有乏力、干咳、气促、 流涕、咳嗽、胸闷等症状,先到深圳49家发热门诊进行筛查和分诊。第二,符合疑似病例条件转送定点收治医院。如果患者符合疑似病例条件,应就地隔离。深圳29家疑似病例收治医疗机构将集中进行疑似病例患者的排查和收治。第三,核酸检测初筛阳性病例送至市三院救治。医院会对疑似病例进行新冠病毒核酸检测初筛,如结果为阳性,将转至市第三人民医院集中救治,同时标本会被送至市疾控中心进行复核。如复核结果为阳性,患者将被确诊为新冠肺炎。【来源:深圳市卫健委】

3. Shenzhen Metro has further upgraded epidemic prevention and control measures to cope with the upcoming travel rush brought by people coming back to Shenzhen for work. 

To improve the efficiency of measuring body temperature, Shenzhen Metro has purchased 200 sets of infrared thermal imagery body temperature devices which can automatically measure the body temperature of passengers and will automatically alarm once they detect a passenger with abnormal body temperature. The passenger will then be isolated for another body temperature check carried out by metro staffs. With the help of these new devices, Shenzhen Metro can effectively shorten the time passengers need to enter a station while effectively curbing the transmission of NCP in public places. Other measures being upgraded include strengthened disinfection and ventilation. Key devices and facilities such as ticket barriers and escalators handrails will be disinfected every two hours. 【Source: Shenzhen Metro】


4. Shenzhen-based automobile manufacturer BYD makes a temporary crossover to mask manufacturing. Daily production is expected to reach up to 5 million by the end of February. 

BYD has announced its decision to deploy resources to manufacture masks and disinfectants to help ease the urgent need for these epidemic prevention and control materials. It is reported that the masks and disinfectants manufactured by BYD will be available starting from around Feb. 17, and the crossover will continue until the epidemic is mitigated or eliminated. The daily production of masks by the company is expected to reach up to 5 million by the end of this month and that for disinfectants is expected to reach 50,000 bottles. These materials will mainly be supplied to institutions and enterprises working in the frontline of combating the epidemic such hospitals, bus companies, taxi companies, metro stations and banks. 【Source: SZTV】


5. State-owned enterprises in Shenzhen will exempt two-month office rent of their properties to help private enterprises overcome the difficulties brought by NCP. 

To ease the financial burden of private enterprises and minimize the negative effects brought by the NCP, Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission will exempt two months of office rents for private enterprise renters of offices in science parks and industrial parks owned by municipal State-owned enterprises. The estimated total exemption amount will reach around 900 million yuan. Municipal State-owned enterprises in Shenzhen are actively responding to the call. For example, Shenzhen International Holdings Limited has announced that in addition to office rents, two months of property management fees and parking fees for properties it owns across the country will also be exempted. The total amount exempted will add up to 100 million yuan. 【Source: Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission】


6. Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued 19 measures to help maintain harmonious and stable labor relationships and labor supply. 

Some of these measures include: enterprises shall not discharge employees during the epidemic prevention and control period discretionarily; employees’ wages and benefits shall be guaranteed during the epidemic prevention and control period; the Spring Festival vacation shall be extended as stipulated; non-work days and vacations of employees shall be arranged in a reasonable manner; the identification of work-related injuries shall be properly carried out; insurance for work-related injuries shall compensate for related expenditures in a timely manner; both enterprises and individuals shall be allowed to postpone insurance-related services; subsidy policies for people working on epidemic prevention and control shall be fully implemented; and online access for human resources and social security services are recommended. 【Source: Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau】

深圳市人社局出台十九条措施,全力维护劳动关系和谐稳定,保障企业用工需求。具体措施包括:在疫情期间企业不得随意解除劳动合同、保障职工工资报酬权益、落实延长春节假期要求、合理安排职工休息休假、切实做好工伤认定工作、及时落实工伤保险待遇、允许参保企业和个人延期办理业务、落实疫情防治人员补助政策、推广“网上办 掌上办”,足不出户办理人社业务等。【来源:深圳市人社局】